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EXALT - Coupling thermal desalination and dewatered salt discharge with hydroponic crop production using heat pumps.
BMBF 2021 - 2024

Hypowave +

HypoWave+ - Implementation of a hydroponic system for sustainable water reuse in agriculture.


RiSaWa -  Rice production caught between salinity and drought – future options for sustainable use of water in the Mekong Delta region. BMBF 2018-2021

Salt potato

SaltPotato - Strengthening food system resilience in Asia’s mega deltas with salt tolerant sweetpotato and potato
BMZ 2018-2020

RiceAdvice EA

RiceAdvice - Improving rice farmers’ decision making in lowland rice-based systems in East Africa.
BMZ 2015-2018


Trans-Sec - Innovating Strategies to safeguard Food Security using Technology and Knowledge Transfer: A people-centred Approach.
BMBF 2013-2018


SMACC - Small-holder adaptation to climate change - ERANET project in collaboration with Austria, Ethiopia and Kenya.
BLE 2014-2016


DryPotato - Improved potato varieties and water management technologies to enhance WUE, resilience cost effectiveness and productivity of smallholder farms in stress-prone Central Asian environment
BMZ 2012-2015


Surumer - Impact of rubber cultivation on the local water balance
BMBF 2012-2016


Seasonal dynamics of below-ground carbon as influenced by vegetation type, water availability and grazing -
BMZ 2011-2014


GrassNet - Cross-continental network for sustainable adaptation of grassland systems vulnerable to climate change -
DAAD 2009-2013


Phenotyping of lowland rice for iron toxicity resistance
AfricaRice 2009-2010


Water-use efficiency of Jatropha curcas  in Madagascar
EN-BW Stiftung 2008-2011


Developing rice and sorghum crop adaptation strategies for climate change in vulnerable environments in Africa
BMZ 2008-2011


Evaluation of adaptation mechanisms of paddy rice to iron toxic conditions
DFG 2008-2010


Bodenmelioration und Anbauverfahren für trockenheitsgefährdete Standorte
BMBF 2006-2009