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Water-use Soil melioration and Cultivation processes for drought-prone sites 2006-2009

Global climate change will further increase irregular distribution of rainfall and rain fall paterns. Regions in central Europe already suffering from long summer droughts are prone to more severe stress situations in the years to come. One way to decrease the severity of drought events and to increase the duration of sufficient water availability is  the use of meliorates in the soil

  • Quantify the effects of different soil meliorates and enhancers on the water holding capacity of the soil and the effects on plant growth (Field trial Cottbus)

  • Evaluate the effects of different soil enhancers on drought responses of different plant species of the group of renewable energy plants (Greenhouse in Bonn and field trial in Cottbus)

  • Evaluate the effect of seed coat composition on germination and early draought responses of several plant species from the group of renewable energy plants.

The project is financed by BMBF, the project leadership is located at the BTU in Cottbus, the subproject 2.2 is conducted as a collaboration between University of Bonn and University of Hohenheim.



Dr. Manfred Trimborn
responsible scientist in the project from 2006 to 2009



Linda Gorim
Effects of seed coating on germination and early seedling growth in cereals

Duong Van Nha
"Environmental effects on physicsal properties of Geohumus and effects of its application on drought responses of maize" - PhD Thesis, Universität Hohenheim, 2013



"Automatische Messung von Blattwachstumsraten unter Feldbedingungen
Diplomarbeit, Christian Heck [Germany]



"Auswirkungen von Mantelsaat auf das Keimverhalten von Süssgräsern unter Trockenstress". Bachelor of Science Thesis, Gwendolin Krauss [Germany]

"Auswirkungen von Bodenhilfsstoffen auf Wurzel-Spross-Signale von Mais unter Trockenstress". Bachelor of Science Thesis, Sandra Abendschein [Germany]

"Influence of soil ameliorants on the availability of micro nutrients to industrial crop plants grown on marginal soils in Brandenburg"
Bachelor of Science Thesis, Markus Winter [Germany]


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Link to sub-project leader - Water stress management - University of Hohenheim

Freudenberger Feldsaaten GmbH






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