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Water-use efficiency of Jatropha curcas in Madagascar - EN-BW Stiftung 2008-2011

The influence of growing crops for energy on the local water availabilty is increasingly subject of public discussion. Growing Jatropha on areas that do not compete with local food production is assumed to have a positive influence on soil fertility of those areas.  However, little is known of the effects of Jatropha cultivation on the water balance of the cropping system. Rendering the production of Jatropha sustainable, thus, requires solid information on the relationship between biomass production, yield and water use. In the project the relevant parameters of the local water balance will studied in a 3 year field trial in Madagascar. This study will produce solid figures regarding this central aspect of Jatropha production and will allow developing management stragtegies for optimal water use and selection of optimally adapted genotypes.



Arisoa Rajaona
"Physiological and growth responses of Jatropha curcas L. to water, nitrogen, and salt stress" - PhD Thesis, Universität Hohenheim, 2011



"The potential for irrigating Jatropha curcas with waste water"
Master of Science Thesis, Nele Sutterer [Germany]



"Bewertung der Salztoleranz von Jatropha curcas."
Bachelor of Science Thesis, Christina Seckinger [Germany]


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Contribution to the debate "Food vs. Fuel" - JARTS 110


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Potential für Bioenergieproduktion auf degradierten Flächen - ein Beispiel aus Madagascar.  Sympossium II Montpellier - Hohenheim: Agro-Biodiversität im Konflikt zwischen Nahrungsmittel- und Energiesicherheit. Agropolis Montpellier 6. Nov. 2008