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2014 - Resource use and conservation in the Tropics and Subtropics, MSc AgriTropics, compulsory module
2012 - Interdisciplinary Practical Science Training, MSc AgriTropics, compulsory module
2010-2014 Signaling in plants under stress. MSc Crop Science, MSc AgriTropics, MSc Agricultural Sciences
2008 -  Crop production affecting the hydrological cycle. MSc AgriTropics, MSc Agricultural Sciences, MSc Crop Science.
2008 -  Ecophysiology of Crops in the Tropics and Subtropics. MSc Agritropics, MSc Agricultural Sciences, MSc Crop Science
2008 - Reaktionen und Anpassungen von Pflanzen unter Wasserstress. BSc Agricultural Sciences, Dipl. Agro-Biology,  BSc Renewable Resources and Bioenergy
2007 - 2010 AgriTropics - Interdisciplinary Case Studies - Scientific Communication. MSc Study Program 
2007- Ökophysiologie und Systematik rohstoffliefernder Pflanzen. BSc Studyprogram Renewable Resources and Bioenergy
2006 - 2007 ARTS C.III Managerial Skills - From knowledge to action
2004 - 2006 PFE 350 Funktion und Stoffwechsel der Nährelemente - Project seminar. Institut für Nutzpflanzenwissenschaften und Ressorucenschutz - Planzenernährung.
2003 - 2007 PTS 161 Abiotic stresses in (sub) tropical crops
2003 - 2007 ARTS A.III-1 Ecological Conditions for Agricultural Production
2002 - 2007 ARTS A.1-2 Computer and Internet
2002 - 2007 ARTS A.1-3 Scientific Communication
2002 - 2007 PFE 181 Ecological conditions and environmental effects in (sub)tropical plant nutrition
2001 - 2007 PFE 333 Project Seminar on Tropical and Subtropical Plant Nutrition
2000-2001 Resource person in the KVL 3-weeks course "Crop physiology and Bioclimatology"
1999-2000 Assistant lecturer in the master level course 'Tropical Crop Production' at KVL.
1999-2000 Resource person in the under graduate course on ‘Tropical and Sub-tropical Environment’ at KVL.
1999 Resource person in a Training Course in Crop Modeling in collaboration with Wageningen Agricultural University. WARDA 22-30th March 1999.
1995 Participation in the organization and implementation of an International Rice Production Course, WARDA 15.5.-26.5. 1995
1992-1995 Supervision of student practical courses at WARDA’s research station in Sénégal; Training of lab assistants and field assistants; Supervision of master and Ph.D. students.
1989-1991 Assistant for several practical courses in plant physiology, plant systematics and ecology
1987 - 1991 Leader of a student field excursion group; planning of the scientific framework and organization of student excursions, day trips and lectures