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Abitur (A-level)

1986 -1992

Student at the Faculty of Biology, University of Hamburg. General Botany, Physiology, Applied Botany, Zoology


Intermediate diploma (BS)

1989 -1991

Post Graduate studies


Dipl. Biol. (M.Sc. Biology)


Research fellow at the Institute of General Botany of the University of Hamburg


Ph.D. in Plant Physiology. (Dr. rer. nat.)

1997 - 1999

Post-doc position in Systems Analyses at WARDA, Ivory Coast.

1999 - 2001

Assistant Research Professor at the Laboratory for Agrohydology and Bioclimatology at KVL, Copenhagen.

Since 2001

Assistant Professor at the Agricultural Chemistry Institute (then: Institute for Plant Nutrition; now Department of Plant Nutrition at the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation INRES) - University of Bonn.


Habilitation in Plant Physiology/Agroecology - University of Bonn

2006 Privatdozent, Agricultural Faculty, University of Bonn
2007 Full Professor at the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart